International Financial Reporting Guidelines

Roever Broenner Susat Mazars

About the company

MAZARS is an international, integrated, and independent partnership specializing in audit, accountancy, tax, legal, and advisory services. With 17,000 professionals in 260 offices in 77 countries, Mazars is one of the most globally responsive businesses in its sector. Roever Broenner Susat Mazars (RBS Mazars), which joined the Mazars network in 2015, is one of the top ten accounting consultancies in Germany and has numerous offices nationwide.

The business challenge

RBS Mazars is a forerunner in helping German businesses comply with international financial reporting guidelines in the EU and US by providing base text, analysis, procedures, and updates that help the business process stay abreast of international regulations. Customers have recognized that ensuring employees have access to up-to-date guidelines wherever they happen to be is an important part of ensuring compliance. However, when guidelines are delivered in PDF or Word format, it can be difficult to ensure employees are working with the latest version. In addition, because of the nature of the content, international financial reporting guidelines tend to be long and complex, and the same keywords occur repeatedly throughout. This makes it difficult for users to quickly find the procedures they need when working with printouts, posted Word documents, and PDF renditions. Traditional search results tend to be extensive, requiring further effort. Theum was an ideal way to respond to these challenges. Employees are able to access the latest version of the guidelines without confusion, and get to the information they need quickly with Theum's unique Thematic Query facility. The guidelines are also accessible in EPUB format for use on any device while working offline.

About the live example

Using a previous release of its International Financial Reporting Guidelines text (Version 3, comprising 458 pages of material), RBS Mazars and the Theum team worked together to create an IFRS Theum book that would demonstrate to potential customers of both companies the value of IFRS content from RBS Mazars and the added compliance surety and user productivity improvement provided by Theum.

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